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Key English Portuguese (pt)
app_name Coolify
coolify_info Live For Cooling Down
turn_on Turn On Normal Temp Protection
settings Settings
temperature Temperature
overheating Overheating
turn_off Turn Off Normal Temp Protection
set_on_boot Set on boot
live_for_cooling_down Live for cooling down, Just do it!
heating_for_charging Heating for charging
battery_health_unknown Unknown
battery_health_good Temperature is normal
battery_health_overheat Overheating Temperature!
battery_health_dead Temperature is crazy!
battery_health_over_voltage Over Voltage!
battery_health_unspecified_failure Unknown Error!
on On
off Off
cool_down_your_device Cool down %s
root_fails Need Root Access!
it_is_invalid_after_reboot You need to reboot to take effect
background Background
share Share
share_info #Coolify focus on Android cooling, I started to cool down, Do you dare to challenge and feel like icebucketchallenge ?
set_to_fahrenheit Set as Fahrenheit
battery_temperature_units °C
fahrenheit_temperature_units °F
upgrade Upgrade
update_version Update Version
current_version Current Version:
latest_version Latest Version:
checking_for_update Checking for Update...
check_for_updates_fails Update Failed: Check Network Status!
your_current_version_is_the_newest You are Running the latest version!
downloading_the_upgrade_package Downloading Upgrade Package, Please Wait...
ok OK
cancel Cancel
loading Loading...
version_update Version Update
sizestr Size:
later Later
please_enter_the_feedback_content Please enter your Feedback/Comments
email Email:
qq QQ:
qq_group QQ Group:
msg_feedback Your Feedback/Comments have been Successfully Sent,Thank You!
failure_feedback_msg Submission Failure: Please check your NetworkStatus and try again.
feedbacking Sending Feedback/Comments...
email_format_is_not_correct Your E-mail Format is Incorrect
connection_timed_out Connection Timed-out
in_such_cases When this app FC, please upgrade to the latest versionfrom the official website.
about About
feedback Feedback:
copyright Copyright(C)
init Initializing...
battery_health_label Health
battery_status_label Status
coolify_cooling_engine Coolify Cooling Engine
your_device_does_not_support_root Your device does not root
app_info Coolify has an original cooling engine and technology which can help your device to keep normal temperature and reduce heat. also it doesn\'t change CPU frequencries and CPU governors, if you like it, Please recommend to your friends!
engine_title Coolify Engine
notification Notification
cooling Cooling
empty Empty
weibo Weibo:
twitter Twitter:
recommend Recommend
opg_pro OPG Pro
opg OPG
onetoucher OneToucher
coolify Coolify
rate Rate ★★★★★
unable_to_run_this_app Unable to run this app
clean Clean
immersive_mode Immersive Mode
temp_file_missing /sys/class/power_supply/battery/temp missing
Maybe be able to solve this issue by flashing a new ROM
optimization_logs Optimization Logs
logs_are_turned_off Logs were turned off
no_sdcard No SDCard
activate_image_background 1: Share Coolify with your friends, You will be able to use the background image
2: Share Coolify with your friends or Follow our twitter @onexuan, You will have the opportunity to get F-code of OPG Pro
succeed Succeed
unable_to_connect_to_network Unable to connect to the network
set_as_no_background_mode Set as no background mode
no_background_mode_finished No background mode finished
temp_in_status_bar Temp in status bar (Xposed)
position Position
left Left
right Right
absolute_left Absolute Left
display_as Display as
show_unit Show Unit
auto Auto
manual Manual
advanced Advanced
default_color Default Color
low Low
middle Middle
high High
color Color
this_version_is_toow_old This version is too old, it is invalid now
download Download
battery Battery
network_speed Network Speed
notification_temp Notification Temperature
increase_battery_life Increase battery life
personalized_signature Personalized Signature
week Week
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